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Wealth Management

Wealth Management 

Wealth Management consists of building a diversified investment portfolio, constructing an asset allocation tailored to your goals using low-cost investment vehicles, rebalancing as needed, all while maximizing tax efficiency. This process may sound complex, but with over 30 years experience you can feel confident and leave it to us.

Solomon Wealth Management is independent but not alone. We affiliate with Independent Financial Group and Bank of New York Mellon's Pershing and Portfolio Management Consulting Group (PMC). Through these relationships, we create and manage portfolios made up of individual equities/ETF's and institutional class mutual funds.

Our company provides wealth management within a strategic allocation structure with a tactical approach. We not only subscribe to the modern portfolio theory but also utilize the endowment model style. Endowment models* add in an element of alternative investments that provide a non-correlated investment to the portfolio, and thus a more diversified allocation.

All markets are not equivalent and sometimes a tactical approach is required to manage market sector rotations. We pride ourselves in managing assets in turbulent markets while tactically seeking to minimize downside risk.

* Endowments have limited liquidity needs, significantly longer time horizons and the ability to pursue less liquid asset classes more aggressively than an individual retail investor. Individuals typically have higher liquidity preferences and a finite time horizon. Investing involves risks including the potential loss of principal. No strategy or product can assure success or protects against loss. 

All of the entities listed above are under separate ownership. 

<b>Our Wealth Management Process&#160;</b>

Our Wealth Management Process 

Step 1 -

We begin by working with you to define and prioritize your objectives by considering your investment time horizon and by balancing goals for preservation and growth of capital with tolerance for risk and cash flow/income requirements. The information yielded in this evaluation will become the mortar for building your financial program – the more information you provide, the stronger the foundation will become, which we believe may increase the likelihood of financial success.

Step 2 -

We develop and implement a targeted asset allocation using a combination of, individual equities, ETF’s, mutual funds bonds, variable annuities, life insurance, etc.  Over time we make tactical adjustments to your allocation based on opportunities or risks in the market.

Step 3 -

We offer our clients continued guidance through performance updates and regular program evaluations. We also encourage you to update us on changes to your life that will impact our analysis such as child-birth, retirement, or career changes.