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Our Investment Process

Our Investment Process

We are comprehensive wealth managers offering an area of services to our clients. We have over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Since each client is unique, we customize your strategy by utilizing a variety of services.

Our investment process begins with an evaluation to help us gain an understanding of your needs, attitudes, and aspirations. The information yielded in this evaluation will become the mortar for building your financial program – the more information you provide, the stronger the foundation will become, which we believe may increase the likelihood of financial success.

At the end of your evaluation we will present you with the combination of mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds, variable annuities, life insurance, etc. we feel will most effectively achieve your personal financial goals.

Once implemented, we offer our clients continued guidance through performance updates and regular program evaluations. We also encourage you to update us on changes to your life that will impact our analysis such as child-birth, retirement, or career changes.