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Fee Based Advisory Program

Fee-based advice reduces the potential for conflicts of interest and creates a common goal between the client and advisor. Having a common goal creates a "same side of the table" relationship. Our fee-based platform puts us on retainer for additional financial advice. We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard to always work in our clients' best interest.

Solomon Wealth Management partners PMC (Portfolio Management Consulting group) providing advanced portfolio solutions and applied research. PMC manages over $400 billon in assets. We regularly review third party asset managers using transparent methodologies to provide a broad list of managers.

As a PMC partner, we offer industry leading vehicles such as UMA's (Unified Managed Accounts) to manage wealth efficiently. This is an investment vehicle that contains multiple, diverse investment products within a single account. The UMA employs an "overlay manager" who maintains your portfolio and executes the trading activity of the underlying investments, which typically includes several Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), as well as mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). The managers of any SMAs you hold within the UMA provide the overlay manager with their model portfolios and trade orders on a daily basis. The overlay manger then executes the orders in an organized, cost-effective and tax-managed way. As a result, you deal with paperwork for a single master account that coordinates a group of investments.